Note: Watercraft slip and Kayak racks are subject to waiting list.

Classes of Membership

Definition of Boundaries

Membership in the Elba Point Homeowners' Association, Inc. shall be open to all residents of Elba Point. 

Elba Point boundaries shall be defined as follows:

a) All single family dwellings that are accessible from either Ithanell Road,

Elba Avenue or Corsica Road.

b) All single family dwellings on the south side of River Styx Road between

Ithanell Road and Elba Avenue.

Full membership shall be available to residents within the above noted boundaries except owners and residents of commercial property within said boundaries.

With special approval , EPHA allows limited membership to residents in expanded areas which include  The north side of River Styx Road between Ithanell Road and St. Jude's Church, Kisling Avenue to Evergreen Avenue and back over to River Styx Road to include Delaware Avenue south of Evergreen Avenue, Byram Bay Road from River Styx Road to Wildwood Shores Road.